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S1E4 Heck of a Halloween

It’s Halloween, so the Bros decide to spend a relaxing evening at home… Or so they think.  It’s an invasion of small humans on an epic scale and the puns are flying.  

Enjoy this fun paranormal comedy podcast about two bumbling brothers who investigate the dark forces of the unknown. This “audio drama” series takes you on patrol with the Bigfoot Bros as they battle ghosts, zombies, aliens… Anything your standard exterminator can’t handle.  Imagine if Bill & Ted joined the Ghostbusters.  It’s comedic audio fiction to make your day a little brighter.

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Scott Kinsley as Scott Bigfoot / The Mummy / Trick-or-Treaters

Todd Kinsley as Todd Bigfoot / Soggy / Trick-or-Treaters


Todd Kinsley – Podcast Editor / Sound Designer / Writer

Scott Kinsley – Graphic Designer

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