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  • S1E6 The Blob Kebob
    It’s Thanksgiving and The Bros are relaxing at home with a deadly chupacabra, a deadly space blob, and the deadly Chosen One.  Okay, so maybe they’re not relaxing, but it sure is fun to hear!  In this episode there is a top secret audio tour of the very strange Bigfoot Bros World Headquarters, followed by … Read more
  • S1E5 Who’s Your Mummy?
    LISTEN THROUGH PLAYER ABOVE OR USE LINKS BELOW: SPOTIFY: APPLE: AMAZON / AUDIBLE PODBAY FM: PODBEAN: The Bros monster mash their way through a museum that just might have a mummy problem.  Priceless artifacts meet their doom as the Bigfoot Bros Paranormal Patrol rely on their usual mix of overconfidence … Read more
  • S1E4 Heck of a Halloween
    It’s Halloween, so the Bros decide to spend a relaxing evening at home… Or so they think.  It’s an invasion of small humans on an epic scale and the puns are flying.   Enjoy this fun paranormal comedy podcast about two bumbling brothers who investigate the dark forces of the unknown. This “audio drama” series … Read more
  • S1E3 Lake Monster Mayhem
    Have a splashing good time as the bros investigate a lake monster at a summer camp in Canada!  The bumbling Bigfoot Bros float, splash, and dunk their way through an aquatic adventure that will test their nerve and their ability to swim.  It’s a wet and wild adventure that includes a mysterious cook named Soggy. … Read more
  • S1E2 Haunted Amusement Park
    The haunted fun spins around as the Bigfoot Bros try to unravel the mystery of the haunted amusement park!  Along with their chupacabra, Fluffy, the bros hunt a terrifying ghost through the Burger Land Amusement Park.  Will they succeed before they accidentally wreck the park? Enjoy this fun paranormal comedy podcast about two bumbling brothers … Read more